Tuesday, July 07, 2020

More Political COVID

OK, so here's an attempt at showing COVID for 2016 Trump and Clinton voters.  Each dot more or less represents ten red cases or blue cases in the past week based on 2016 presidential vote, assuming uniform distribution of COVID within a given county:

And from three months ago:

Three months ago was dominated by the northeast corridor and some cities scattered through the southeast, midwest, and west coast.  The big difference is the spread deep into the red suburbs and rural areas of the south and west and everywhere throughout FL and CA.  The only consistent drop is the northeast corridor.  The midwest's decline in many cities is countered by the spread into more rural and redder areas.

Three months ago most of the cases were in democrat dominated areas - even if as much as 40% of victims were red.  Now you have more or less three types of cases - democratic dominated cities; mixed cities in the south and west; and republican dominated rural and suburban counties.  

A grim picture of the current state of affairs.  In some sort of better world, regional politics wouldn't matter in combatting a pandemic, but at least on the bright side we can see how different political approaches work . . .