Monday, January 25, 2010

Privacy Protection

Me: The lease is up on my Prius. I want to exercise the buyout option.

Toyota Customer Service Rep: Great. So we'll send you some forms to fill out, and you just need to return them to us with a check for the buyout amount. We can fax you the forms, or —

Me: Can you email them to me?

TCSR: Unfortunately we can't email them to you, because of privacy laws.

Me: But you can fax them to me? Because my email comes just to me, whereas my fax number is for my whole office. Privacy laws are stupid.

TCSR: [silence]

Me: Yeah, OK. So fax them to me.

TCSR: Great. What's your fax number?

. . . and scene.

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Mithridates said...

Chicago, IL, June 2007

Prospective Landlord: Please fax me a copy of your driver's license and I'll show it the cable company when they arrive to install cable in your apartment.

M: OK. How about I just scan it in and email it to you?

PL: They won't accept a scanned and printed copy. They require a fax.

M: So if I scan it in to my fax machine, send data of that scanned image to your fax machine, and your fax machine prints it out, they'll accept it; but if I scan it in to my computer, send data of that scanned image to your computer, and your computer prints it out, that's no good?

M: Oh yeah, and how can they tell one from the other?

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