Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FO News Roundup: January 19, 2010

Hold those dinner plans. Macaweggie is coming to town.
  • Wait, so he probably isn't even the killer? And he's only getting 5 years knocked off a 30-year sentence? Oh, Boston Herald: you had me nice and hopping mad with the "NJ governor releases murderer" headline, and then those lefties at the AP screwed it up with their facts. (P)
  • Oh, pow! That's ROUGH! Oh, wait: turns out Rachel Alexandra is actually a horse. (P)
  • In business news, Kraft's buying Cadbury. Mac and cheese with creme eggs in 'em. (P)
  • The Chinese government doesn't like Avatar. The American right doesn't like Avatar. Ergo, the American right is just like the Chinese government. Well, they're both buzzkillers, anyway. (P)

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