Friday, July 10, 2009

FO News Roundup: July 10, 2009

  • China's President says "stability is paramount" and the Uighurs need to be "dealt a blow." Clearly he's more of a Grinch than a Hu. (P)
  • North Korea attacks! Well, virtually, anyway. And here we thought they only bought that computer so Kim could play Lode Runner. (P)
  • A stampeding bull gores a man to death in Pamplona, while a bear market chastens Wall Street bankers. Can't win for losing. (P)
  • Basic services are nice and all, but statuary inspires. So it goes in Uttar Pradesh. (P)
  • Next on the agenda, poverty and starvation. Ah, just in the time for the white asparagus and truffle soup. Waiter, can you take these leavings to the African contingent out in the hall? (P)
  • "Death by Chocolate": not just a ha-ha funny dessert name anymore. Thanks, menu-writers, for tempting fate. (P)
  • (Speaking of tempting fate . . . ) is this really the best al Qaeda can do? (P)

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