Monday, June 01, 2009

Successful Unionized American Industries

 Andrew Ross Sorkin quotes Jack Welch asking, "Give me a highly successful, unionized American industry." Someone in the comments comes up with aerospace, which is a good one, except it's pretty idiosyncratic and doesn't make you say "Yeah, unions and success in business really can go together."

The always-interesting Eddy Elfenbein suggests Hollywood, and pro sports. I wouldn't have thought of those, but they're certainly true. Of course, they're also even less likely to make you think "Yeah, unions and success in business really can go together." So I'm still thinking about this question and what it means.


Mithridates said...


There are over 300,000 union plumbers and pipe fitters and our toilets are — by far — the best in the world. Just trying using the facilities in the Madrid train station, an old Paris cafe, or anywhere on the Indian subcontinent.

Phutatorius said...

YES! Give us one, PLEASE!

[rim shot]

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