Sunday, June 07, 2009

"Canada's governor general eats seal heart"

Jay Nordlinger highlights this article about the governor general of Canada participating in an Inuit ritual involving eating the heart of a baby seal. Jay wonders what left-wingers will make of the story - is it awful that a public official is eating the heart of a baby seal, or is it awesome that a public official is participating in an ancient ritual of an indigeneous people?

I'm trying to think of a case where right-wingers would be equally flummoxed - maybe if union members started carrying concealed weapons, or something like that. Help me out by suggesting something, please.


Mithridates said...

This left-winger thinks it's awesome and has been meaning to write about it for some time. It's especially awesome if it was - contrary to her claim - a fuck you to the European Union for their blatantly hypocritical stance on seal hunting.

As for right-wingers, aren't they troubled by priests abusing altar boys? I mean, is it awful because of the pedophilia or is it awesome because the boys are going to church?

Or what about Iran executing homosexuals? Is it awesome because the death penalty rocks and they're taking a stand against deviant lifestyles or is it awful because Iran is a repressive regime?

OK, shit, yours was more light-hearted. Let me lighten it up a bit. Canada's Governor General ate a seal heart. Is it awful because she felt the need to participate in an ancient ritual so far removed from mainstream Christian-European society or is it awesome because she's eating the heart of a baby seal?

Unknown said...

Dick Cheney shot his hunting buddy in the face - is it awesome that he is exercising his second ammendment right or aweful that he shot some dude in the freakin face

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