Tuesday, May 05, 2009

FO News Roundup: May 5, 2009

Do they have Cinco de Mayo in El Salvador? Sure they do. It comes right after Cuatro de Mayo.
  • Non-Mexican Latin groups are "irked" by Cinco de Mayo. So Mexicans are enough of a minority to be maligned by right-wing whites, but also just enough of a majority to incur the jealousy of Salvadorans. Is it any coincidence they invented the piƱata? (P)
  • Herbert Weber has built 707,355 coffins. Guinness will celebrate his world record at this year's International Funeral Home and Cemetery Trade Fair in Salzburg. Sounds like a party. (P)
  • But did he make any this big? And while we'll miss him, I'm pretty sure Dom DeLuise set the record for longest life for an overweight comic actor.(M)
  • A Big 10 Championship game? Nice try, Paterno, but you don't screw with Ohio State/Michigan. (P)
  • I expressed optimism earlier about the GOP's NCNA initiative. Now that Sarah Palin has signed on, I'm, well, less encouraged. (P)
  • Hundreds of thousands of refugees are being displaced amid a government's efforts to stamp out a fundamentalist Islamic movement the government claims is using civilians as human shields. And there are no European street protests, student sit-ins and UN resolutions against said government!?! Oh right, that government isn't Israel . . . (M)
  • One step forward, one step back. The EPA says that the way we make biofuels harms the environment more than gasoline does (not to mention making food more expensive). After hearing such evidence, President Obama announced an initiative to increase the use of biofuels. That's the sound of Mithridates pulling his hair out. (M)

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