Sunday, May 03, 2009

FO News Roundup: May 3, 2009

  • Public health officials have closed Harvard's School of Dental Medicine for ten days, due to an outbreak of swine flu among the students — probably a good call, since their gig is to put their fingers into other people's mouths. (P)
  • Now we're hearing that A-Rod may have cut deals with opposing teams to tip pitches. A-Rod's problem isn't that he actually did all these sneaky, selfish things; it's that he seems just the type to have done them. And that's why the rumors catch on. And if you're a rat, whom do you rat on: the guy you like or A-Rod? (P)
  • Warren Buffett has jumped on the Wells-Fargo wagon. Let's hope he brings our raisins from Fresno. (P)
  • Earlier this week Iranian officials executed a woman for a murder she committed as a juvenile. Texans looked on, longingly. (P)
  • There's a KKK chapter, apparently, on the Isle of Man.  Now if they can join forces with the Isle of Wight, they can make a bid to establish — wait for it — the "Isles of Wight Man." (P)
  • First the housing bubble bursts, now today it's the Cowboys' practice bubble.  Dow Scrubbing Bubbles, keep your eyes open. (P)
  • The Insider is bringing the Bobbitts back together.  John tells CBS that having half his penis chopped off was "one of the most terrifying things I ever went through." Top Five, Top Three, surely.  (P)

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