Friday, May 15, 2009

FO News Roundup: May 15, 2009

On life and death, peace and war, fathers and sons, angels and demons, god and politics:
  • The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has rated Angels and Demons "L" for "limited adult audience[:] problematic content many adults would find troubling." Oh, and they really want you to know that it's fiction. (P)
  • Meanwhile, "Just the Start," blares the Fox News headline, referring to Notre Dame protests about Obama's speech. You see, Obama's pro-choice, and that runs counter to the Church's teachings about abortion. It's every Catholic's duty to oppose a President whose policies run counter to the Church's position on life. (M)
  • Most Americans (51%) are "Pro-life" according to the latest Gallup Poll. Me, too. I strongly prefer birth to abortion. Wait, that's not what "pro-life" means? So you say. According to the wording of the question, I can define it however I want. So are attitudes towards abortion changing or are people's definitions of the terms changing? Can't tell from the poll (notwithstanding that the authors of every article written on this can) — and the answer's not obvious . . . (M)
  • Reason #599 not to shoot people you love: in the end, when you die, there's no one to claim your body. (P)
  • One generation too late, for Cleveland Browns fans. (P)
  • A judge just ruled that religious wacko parents can't withhold chemotherapy from their son. "I feel it's a blow to families," the parents' attorney says. (P, banging his head on his desk)
  • What lefties don't understand is that it's vital to our national security to try Gitmo residents in military tribunals and that releasing photos of detainee abuse in Iraq will harm our troops. That's why we can't afford to elect someone like Obama President. (M)

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