Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Teen soils self after deputy surprises him"

I don't have anything to add to this article, but it's high time we had a "He shat hisself" tag on this blog and now's my chance to use it. Some choice snippets from the article follow.
The 16-year-old boy turned and ran, chased by Taylor, who called 911 as he ran after the teen through the neighborhood. The boy was scrambling so fast, Taylor said, he lost his shoes. Centerville police responded to help catch the teen.

"One officer spotted him with night-vision goggles going into a house," Centerville Police Lt. Paul Child said.

The boy dashed into a friend's house, where a party was going on, police said. Officers were let into the house where they found him — and discovered that he had soiled himself, Child said."

You could smell him," Taylor said. "He told us, 'Yeah, I crapped my pants.'"

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