Sunday, April 26, 2009

FO News Roundup: April 26, 2009

More of a Pirate Than You'll Ever Be. Aaaargh!
  • The Chinese continue to find new and innovative ways to pirate other countries' products. Iranians were relieved, meanwhile, to find that the Jaffa Sweeties were not authentic. (M)
  • "The captain of an Italian cruise ship foiled an attack by pirates off the coast of Somalia on Saturday by ordering his security crew to fire back, Italy's ANSA news agency reported," according to CNN. An Italian cruise ship fended off a Pirate attack? Really? Italians? You're kidding, right? Oh, you are kidding. It was Israelis. But go ahead, ANSA, credit the Italian who said "save us." (M)
  • Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Pirates lead all of baseball with a team ERA of 2.97. They are in second place in the NL Central, marking the first time in over a decade they haven't been virtually eliminated by the end of April. (M)
  • Now look, Google is really doing all it can to fight piracy. That's why you have to type in three words in their search engine to get that new Wolverine movie . . . (M)
  • Finally, the Pirate exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago is downright dreadful. Well, except for the part at the end about how explorers found treasure from one particular pirate ship buried thirty feet under the sand, despite over three thousand shipwrecks off of Cape Cod. (M)

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