Saturday, March 28, 2009

Toker-in-Chief Should Know Better

I expected more. But maybe that's my problem.

Reasoned arguments are coming from everywhere — from Kathleen Parker to The Economist to Steven Levitt of the University of Chicago and Freakonomics fame — to end, or at least consider ending, the counterproductive War on Drugs. After eight years of a President glibly dismissing reasoned arguments out of hand, we now have — wait for it — a President glibly dismissing reasoned arguments out of hand.
Yes, I know there are political considerations. Yes, I know any sort of legalization or decriminalization faces an uphill battle on Capitol Hill. It's way too reasonable a solution for the sound-bite monkeys in Congress to support.

But don't just kill the conversation. Even better, use your power and prominence to give credibility to the anti-war crowd. It would make a difference.

Bill Clinton smoked pot and half-admitted it. George W. Bush did all sorts of crazy stuff (who really knows what?) and admitted to nothing. Barack Obama did cocaine and wrote about it. Aren't we at the point where we can talk about this?

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Unknown said...

They should let it fly in California - its politically safe since middle Americans think of Californians as surf hippies anyway. And since California is the seventh largest economy in the world that would give a good set of data to prove (or disprove) whether it works.

Pass the dutchie from the left hand side.

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