Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Special Circle of Hell

Below, Mithridates threw a little more light on the bastards in Pennsylvania who profited from sending kids to juvie.

To join them in the special circle of hell reserved for these types, I give you Steven Hayne and Michael West.  I can do nothing more than urge you to read about their exploits as law enforcement's go-to expert forensic witnesses over the last several decades.  Radley Balko has been doing yeoman's work building a case against these jerks for a while now.

And the worst of it?  Unlike the Pennsylvania judges who will be heading to jail, so far nothing bad has happened to these assholes....

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Mithridates said...

So far nothing. But I have faith. We'll keep a running list of these cases and check in on them every few months. The next best thing to living in a place where this never happens (ie, nowhere on this Earth) is living in a place where when it does happen, the bastards get caught, exposed, and thrown in jail. So we'll see . . .

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