Monday, March 09, 2009

FO News Roundup: March 9, 2009

"Wintry mix" in Massachusetts today. Here's a "hail" of Monday-morning bullets:
  • Grand public works everywhere! Amid concerns that the Mafia will run the work crews, Italians are pressing ahead with plans to build a bridge to Sicily. Will Palin counter with a sightseeing bridge to Kamchatka? (P)
  • Stay classy, Limbaugh. (P)
  • A-Rod will have hip surgery today. He'll be back in action in six to eight weeks — or whenever fans have forgotten about his steroid-dabbling. Whichever comes last. (P)
  • Wow: Barbie's middle name is Millicent. And she's fifty. You wouldn't know any of that from looking at her. (P)
  • There was a "Winston Man", too. Like three of the Marlboro Men, he had lung cancer. He became an anti-smoking activist before he died last month. He said he saved lives. Not sure whether that's gross or net. (P)
  • What a time for Treasury to be understaffed. Aren't there thousands of unemployed bankers sitting around watching Oprah right now? I guess the problem is they all sucked at their jobs. (P)
  • China seals off Tibetan region to foreign visitors. Rihanna is picking up the pieces. (P)
  • 40 lashes for a Saudi woman who had men in her house who weren't relatives. The court rejected the defendant's "suckled him as a baby" defense. Oh, but we do love their oil . . . (P)
  • And finally, it ought to be easier than this to find a recycling center. (P)


Unknown said...

Great FO news roundup - no sign of (M), coincidence?

The guy sailing on plastic bottles to Australia. What will he use to carry drinking water?

Rush is a good marketer - says outrageous things, real media covers it, more people hear his name, etc. Anyone who takes him seriously is an imbecile but his marketing rouse works like a charm.

When A-rod retires I might have to root for the Yankees to win that year. I probably won't since that is sacrilege but its sort of fun to think about.

If you are a gas station and you sell gas that comes from Saudi oil you should have to fly the Saudi flag. I would sooner push my SUV back to Cambridge (umm?) than give them a dime. On a side note, they should sell pay per view to any lashing events. I would have paid $50 to watch Michael Faye on ppv.

Unknown said...

Note: I did not mean to imply that FO is "real media"

Phutatorius said...

No offense taken!

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