Sunday, March 01, 2009

Aggressive GPS Assumptions

I very much enjoy using my Garmin Nuvi GPS on long trips. My only complaint is the incredibly aggressive assumptions they use to come up with an estimated arrival time when you program in a destination. I drove from Baltimore to Jersey City yesterday, with no stops and no traffic. I was going roughly 80 mph on a consistent basis, and as I drove the estimated arrival time kept ticking later and later. I'm not sure how fast they think you're supposed to be driving, but when you're going 80 and falling off the pace, I think they're being too aggressive.

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Phutatorius said...

I have a TomTom, and I'm constantly driving my ETA down. It must be that fast-paced, wife-and-two-kids lifestyle of mine. Or maybe the TomTom.

Yeah, probably the TomTom.

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