Wednesday, February 04, 2009


As previously reported, an Indian companion on a recent train ride in Rajasthan explained why India was so populous. People there had children without giving any thought as to whether they could afford to raise them.

Here in the US, things are different. Here a woman can have in vitro fertilization to implant eight embryos, risk her health and the health of her children by carrying all eight, and then pay for the childcare of her fourteen (six previous) children by launching a career as a television childcare expert. And all it takes is a call to Oprah!
According to her publicist she is "deluged" by book and TV offers. And who better to advise mothers on childrearing than someone whose behavior American Society of Reproductive Medicine calls "completely irresponsible?"

And near universal condemnation comes from the left and right. Of course the left thinks it's irresponsible to implant the woman with so many embryos and the National Review boils it down to society saying it's OK for women to have children out of wedlock. But all sides seem convinced that one way or another this is extremely bad behavior. But like most bad behavior these days, it seems likely to be rewarded . . .


Phutatorius said...

C'mon, man. The obvious title for this post was "Eight Is Enough."

Mithridates said...

Oprah couldn't help. No book offers materialized. Thank god for Vivid!

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