Monday, February 09, 2009

Is Curt Schilling Retired or Not?

. . . because if he's not, he probably shouldn't be blogging about trades he wants the Red Sox to make.

Awkward Spring Training Moment #1: Clay Buchholz (he of the rare consecutive letters h) waves hello to Schilling. "Hey, Curt, I'm still here!"

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Mithridates said...

Best comment in response to the Red Sox' blowhard-in-chief:

How about this……you give Tek a couple million of the 8 million you stole from the Sox last year, and combined with a modest deal from the Sox, say 3 mil, he gets a fair payday.
For your contribution, Tek does regular appearances on the “the Curt Schilling show, with Glen Ordway”

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