Monday, February 02, 2009

FO News Roundup: February 3, 2008

Phil punxed out on us yesterday. What else is new? Well, we'll tell ya:
  • After the ’04 Olympics, it was drunk driving. Now Michael Phelps has graduated to the sweet leaf. Will it be "say hello to my li’l friend" in 2012? (P)
  • Hey, Pepsi: we’ll give you an 25% ad spot discount if you cross-promote with one of our shows. Half off if you give us creative control over the work. And folks, there’s your deal with the Devil for January 2009. (P)
  • HHS nominee Daschle withdraws over a tax flap but continues to stand behind his ridiculous glasses (literally). We call it a wash. (P)
  • If someone called you up and offered you five bucks to stand around in the cold outside a restaurant for two hours at the butt-crack of dawn, would you do it? (P)
  • Some CIA jerk drugged and raped Moslem women in Algiers. Oh, and he shot videos of it, too. At what point is personal misconduct so damaging to U.S interests as to be treasonous? (P)

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Unknown said...

When I saw the Denny's promotion my friend and I looked at each other and in Homer Simpson like fashion said "woohoo free grand slam" -- then about 10 seconds later we agreed "maybe we should just go another day, pay the 4.95 and not have to wait in line for 2 hours" -- then about 20 seconds later we said "aren't there 100 better places to get eggs and pancakes" -- about 1 minute later we said "The Patriots would have destroyed either one of these terrible teams"

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