Thursday, February 26, 2009

FO News Roundup: February 27, 2009

  • Policy change: the press can publish photos of soldiers' coffins. Same SecDef, different Administration. We're told the rationale for the old policy wasn't the Pentagon's keen interest in suppressing talk of the human cost of war — it was deference to families. You know, because it intrudes on their privacy for the world to see their sons' identical flag-draped caskets. (P)
  • Chris Brown allegedly hit Rihanna more than once. And thousands of people in Zimbabwe are dying of starvation and cholera. So many causes for outrage: don't make me choose! (P)
  • Former CIA operative Kyle "Dusty" Foggo has been sentenced to 37 months for fraud. "We saw right through him," said gloating prosecutors. Foggo's assistant, Misty McCloud, has not been charged. (P)
  • Calcium lowers your risk of cancer, but a diet rich in dairy increases your risk of heart attack; alcohol reduces your risk of heart attack, but increases your risk of cancer. White Russian, please. (M)
  • No peace activists dancing in the streets. No Republicans saying the sky is falling. No talk of a giant victory parade. Just a reasonable plan laid out to end a long war and maintain an appropriate presence (for 100 years?). (M)
  • Every Feigned Outrage author and reader line up to fight these people! Unions,, and bears! "This is not an ideological crusade," said Markos Moulitsas, creator of the blog DailyKos and a supporter of the group. "What we want to do is move the Democratic Party to the mainstream." He said, without irony. (M)

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