Thursday, February 19, 2009

FO News Roundup: February 19, 2009

Honestly, if you're not reading the New York papers, how on Earth can you stay properly informed on the key issues of the day . . .
  • The Post bravely takes on Political Correctness by comparing our black President to a raging chimpanzee.

  • The Daily News couldn't wait to call out the Post for its offensive cartoon. Of course, the hypocrites published these far more offensive pictures in their own Wednesday edition. I mean some of those are just plain wrong.
  • The "days of winging it need to end," proclaims the senior adviser to the world's foremost authority on the subject, in the Wall Street Journal.
  • But at least all that garbage is worth reading. The New York Times is the object of relentless assault by the "media bias" crowd, but sometimes (less often than not) it deserves it. I mean, what purpose does Maureen Dowd serve? For liberals who need a fix of anti-conservative vitriol, turn on MSNBC for a few minutes in the morning, but get that catty (what's the politically correct term for a catty woman?) woman out of my damn newspaper!
Elsewhere in the country:
  • Amid all the allegations and scandals and insincere apologies, let's not forget that there are good guys in baseball, too. And one of them's going home. Good story, if you're not completely soulless. (P)
  • This just in: whatever "mental anguish" the photos on the Internet have caused you, the outside of your house is not private. (P)
  • First Phil Gramm called me a "whiner"; now Eric Holder says I'm a "coward." Keep talking, government jerks. Maybe tomorrow I'll be a "rebel insurgent." (P)


Phutatorius said...

M'dates, Maureen Dowd is a columnist in the Opinion section. Bias is her business. Whether she's actually any good at it is another question, but geez. Is the Post right-wing biased because it has George Will and Kathleen Parker on staff?

And you need to get to know your MSNBC better. It's Joe Scarborough in the morning, and half the time he's got Pat Buchanan at the table with him. The vitriol doesn't really kick in until around dinnertime.

Mithridates said...

Yeah, I get that she's a columnist, thank you. But Kathleen Parker and George Will serve a purpose. Sometimes they enlighten with their perspective. Maureen Dowd never does. Her sole purpose is to rant against the right. What is she doing in a serious newspaper?

I don't think the times is "biased" for having lefty columnists. I probably shouldn't have mentioned "bias" in my post and just left it as criticism from the haters. I just think they lower their product and lessen their credibility by having this screeching (what's the politically correct term for screeching woman?) as a regular contributor.

She's just not "fit to print".

Phutatorius said...

You're a whiner and a coward.

Mithridates said...

Yeah, and Holder's a moron. Let's start a discussion on race by calling people cowards for not expressing their "real" thoughts. But those aren't my "real" thoughts, of course. I'm a cowardly American who can't express his "real" thoughts about a black guy.

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