Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FO News Roundup: February 11, 2009

We don't have the first clue what to say about the Robbie Alomar story.  So here are some bullets instead/in the meantime:
  • Ticketmaster and LiveNation have merged. The benefits to customers will be considerable. For example, they now have two phone lines you can call on Saturday when U2 tickets go on sale. (P)
  • Hey, wow: churches can evolve, too. I like the part where they say St. Augustine anticipated Darwinism with his observation that "big fish eat smaller fish." But hey, baby steps, right? (P)

  • Alan Dowd gets most of the facts right — and they're worth remembering — in the Weekly Standard, but misses the point. Our policies in the Muslim world have not always been selfish, and have often been entirely unselfish, but that doesn't mean Obama's mission to win over moderate Muslims shouldn't be applauded or supported. Sorry, did I just interject opinion into a news update? (M)
  • Often modestly bad people are overly villainized in our society, and maybe the Peanut Guys are just getting a bum rap in the media like everyone else. But it sure doesn't look that way. Smells more like genuine evil. (M)
  • I'm not sure where exactly it lands, but "Prime Minister in a National Unity Government with Robert Mugabe" surely makes my Top Five list of Jobs I Wouldn't Want. (P)
  • I could rant for days about what qualifies as "news" in this country (Rihanna, yes; Zimbabwe, no), but just this once I'll tolerate another story about American Idol, because this one is downright ornery.  Could MSNBC be any more catty about Fox? (P)

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Phutatorius said...

Re Bullet 3: You've got to love an article that abandons a neutral perspective in literally its second word. The Weekly Standard truly is where failed comedians go to die.

Re Bullet 4: Is it me or is Congress spending an extraordinary amount of time bitching people out these days? I suppose it's fun to watch, but my God, people, get on with The People's Work already.

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