Thursday, February 05, 2009

Credit Where Due

Let me move past petty and make my first post on FO with some quick praise for Obama.

I've got to agree with David Kopel that this is positive news.  Anything that injects a little common sense (or even just room for rational thought) into the insane Drug War escalation is good in my book.  Respecting States' and individual rights to boot is a bonus.

Now let's just hope this is a campaign promise that he keeps instead of one of those other ones....

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Phutatorius said...

You'd like to think the President would be in a position to countermand the Bush Administration's orders on this -- or at least to ensure that these DEA vestigia fell in line with new policy. But if we have to wait on this, we'll wait.

I hope, too, that this principle of deference to state law means that the feds are done bringing capital cases in Massachusetts and other death penalty-free states.

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