Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Attention Harvard Grads - Vote!

Here's a Boston Globe column worth reading. Why?
  • Because it still does matter what type of example Harvard sets. Other institutions often do follow its lead.
  • Because there has to be a greater willingness for faculty and students to have honest and open debate, instead of sanctioning one politically correct opinion and shunning all others.
  • Because science doesn't happen magically overnight. It requires a constant challenging of ideas and objective analysis free from political interference.
Our universities get routinely slammed by certain political groups. Most of it is unwarranted. Our universities are the best in the world and, as much as anything else, provide a competitive advantage for the US. The best talent still comes here to go to our universities. They develop innovative companies here. They advance science here. Maintaining the preeminence of our higher education should be a priority of any administration that cares about the long-term competitiveness of the US.

But the criticisms about free speech and political correctness are valid and need to be addressed. And this may have to be done locally. A small step in the right direction by Harvard could make it easier for others to follow. I wish I had a vote in that election . . .

Addendum: Please don't let this post suggest any support or knowledge of any of the candidates beyond what's written in the Globe column. Oftentimes those who are fighting political correctness are just assheads spouting out crap. This may be the case here, for all I know. But at least let's get the issue on the table . . .

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