Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Appraisal of Apple's Approach to App Approvals: Appalling!

Geez — this blog post couldn't be any more on the money: Apple's gatekeeping of iPhone apps is, as we lawyers are wont to say, arbitrary and capricious.

That's not to say that Apple doesn't or shouldn't have the right to control what it sells through its App Store. But competent people ought to be managing the approvals. Or don't the folks at One Infinite Loop recognize that the worm turned a while ago, and they're not exactly hailed as the good guys anymore?

This sort of hardware-level censorship is exactly why you can't beat a good ol' PC and Internet connection — a point Jonathan Zittrain makes in spades in his latest book, The Future of the Internet and How To Stop It. Read the introduction at least. JZ's critique of the iPhone pre-dated Apple's opening-up of the iPhone to app-makers, but it's no less relevant now that Apple has positioned itself to make inane and discordant judgments re what is "iPhone-worthy."


Unknown said...

All I know is that the iFart application is one of the best uses of cell phone technology so at least they didn't draw the line on that one.

Mithridates said...

And that iPhone ad with the app that turns the iPhone into a level? Please, like any of those iPhone wankers (oops, apologies to all those Brits surveyed who think that's a worse word than n*****) have ever installed a shelf themselves.

Phutatorius said...

Maybe they haven't, but they've surely used a level afterward to check the contractor's work.

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