Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Enough Already about Hillary and the Clinton Foundation

The Wall Street Journal's editors want to know why more hasn't been made of the potential conflicts of interest between Hillary's business as Secretary of State and Bill's as fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation:
Here is the spectacle of a former President circling the globe to raise at least $492 million over 10 years for his foundation — much of it from assorted rogues, dictators and favor-seekers. We are supposed to believe that none of this — and none of his future fund-raising — will have any influence on Mrs. Clinton's conduct as Secretary of State.

The silence over this is . . . remarkable.

Oh, Wall Street Journalists — is this the best you can do? Think through the problem here, people. The Clinton Foundation isn't a for-profit operation. It's a voluntary, charitable undertaking by Bill Clinton. I might be concerned if the tens of millions of dollars from the Saudis (among others) were going directly into Bill's pocket, but he doesn't keep the money.

The conflicts question reduces to this: is it at all likely that Hillary Clinton will trade U.S. foreign policy favors to foreign interests as gratuity/in exchange for past/future contributions they have made to her husband's charitable foundation? There is a short answer to this. It's no. And as to even "the appearance of impropriety" that is so often the preoccupation of lawyers — again, no.

Think, Journal, think! You're coming off like a bunch of AM radio hacks.

Of course I went to the first mainstream media source I could find and found The Boston Globe's silence on the matter to be "remarkable" as the front page of their website screamed:

There's that, and there's the fact that no less a left-wing media sop than The New York Times complained on Saturday that the proposed annual disclosure of Clinton Foundation donors would be too infrequent to protect the American People against these apocalyptic conflicts. Whatever.

I know these newspapers have to find whatever controversies they can, and the Obama-Blagojevich connection has pretty much tapped out. So they set up their base camps around molehills like this. I suppose it says something about the relative calm we're experiencing in our national politics.

Still, you half-wish the papers would do what we do when there's nothing to write about: go buy some LPs, chill out, maybe slap something together about Duran Duran.

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