Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today's Stupid Law

This one comes to us courtesy of hard-working Wobegoners in the Minnesota Legislature:
No person in the business of offering goods at retail may sell or offer for sale in this state an American flag unless the flag was manufactured in the United States of America.

Take that, you impoverished 9-year-old Bangladeshi flag-weavers! You'll just have to find some other way to earn your $.009 per hour.

Oh, no wait — you can just sell them to Twin City wholesalers. Never mind. You're good.

UPDATE: In case you wanted to put a face on this law, here it is.

That's State Rep. Dennis Rukavina, the bill's sponsor. And really, if this law were a person, I think this is about what you would expect it to look like. Am I right?


Mithridates said...

What if it was made in the US by Canadian guest workers? Must it also be manufactured from American raw materials? My problem with the law isn't it's intent, but the myriad loopholes it seems to leave open for foreigners to somehow benefit from our nation's dearest symbol.

But I wouldn't worry about the Bangladeshis. I think Hamas just put in an order for another thousand . . .

Phutatorius said...

Where's this goon's lapel pin? What -- he couldn't find one that wasn't made in China?

Mithridates said...

Minnesota's not alone, just the most absurd.

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