Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter of My Discontent

Know what's disheartening?

What's disheartening, Brothers and Sisters, is having to go home tonight and spend an hour spreading The Last Three Weeks' Snow onto our yard from the six-foot-high snowbank along the driveway — so we can make room for The Snow That's Coming Tomorrow.

You know, if The Economy is going to swallow itself whole, you'd think I'd at least have the pleasure of hiring a couple of these Lehman Brothers jerks to do the shoveling:

"Hey, Moneybags — you missed a spot. Yeah, that's right. I wanna see black top, or you don't get your five bucks."

But no, I don't even get that.


Unknown said...

I was watching Rome Season II last night. There was a guy being held under water tied up in a burlap sac. After they held him under water for a while they pulled him out kicked him a bunch of times and then cut the bag open to show that there were hundreds of snakes in the bag too. I will shovel my own drive if we can do that to any lender or borrower who was involved a house sale with no money down, interest only loan where the monthly payment was more than 50% of the buyers take home monthly pay.

Phutatorius said...

If that were the policy, you'd have one booming burlap industry.

Unknown said...

Good point. Off topic I know but it was one of the greatest hazings I've ever seen on screen. I think I would spend a couple days in a ditch in Jame Gumb's basement over the burlap sac with snakes under water treatment.

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