Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mighty Fine Only Got You Somewhere Half the Time

One reason it's so fun to write about Caroline Kennedy has to be the wealth of "Caroline" songs out there for quoting.  I went Beach Boys in my post; Redneck served up Neil Diamond.  Not so long ago M'dates wrote to tout some soundtracks he'd bought on vinyl: "Pretty in Pink" could have been in play.

Hard to believe none of us hit on OutKast. What do you want to bet "Roses" has had its fair share of airplay around the New York Governor's mansion?

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WhiteCollar Redneck said...

Merle Haggard's "Carolyn" deserves a mention here. While it's ostensibly about adultery, if you apply the same loose standards of interpretation from which Nostradamus benefits, you could argue that Haggard foresaw Governor Paterson's rebellion against the high-handed treatment he got from the Kennedy clan:

Yes Carolyn a man will do that
Sometimes on his own
And sometimes when he's lonely
And I believe a man will do that
Sometimes out of spite
But Carolyn, a man will do that always
When he's treated bad at home

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