Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Keillor on Self-Esteem

Garrison Keillor is warning us not to "yearn for the bright lights."

Easy for you to say, Keillor. You have your gigs on NPR and Salon.

But otherwise I'm generally in agreement with what Keillor says here (and chuckling over how he writes it). In fact, on the one point he couldn't be more right: the drooling masses don't deserve us.

As to you, Brothers and Sisters, loyal readers — could we ask for anything more from you than your loyal readership and effervescent commentary? We don't toil in obscurity, M'dates and I. No, Sir/Ma'am — this is intimacy. Ask any stadium rock band if they wouldn't rather be back playing clubs, to patrons of discriminating taste. The Pontic Scourge and I love our readers — all five of you — and we wouldn't trade you for the whole of The Huffington Post (which we expect to take by force down the road, anyway).

Now go forth and multiply.

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