Saturday, January 31, 2009

Iraqi Elections Ignored by Liberal Media

Iraq just held provincial elections and the liberal media won't say anything about how peaceful they were, how this is a big step forward to making the Iraqi government more representative, how much progress has been made in Iraq, and how happy people were to vote in free and fair elections! The fact that Iraq is an Arab country where woman can vote for their leaders is barely noted.


WhiteCollar Redneck said...

There's a word to describe linking to a few scattered online news articles as an attempt to refute a broad charge of coverage bias, but that word isn't "scientific". Nor is it "persuasive". I might accept "entertaining" though, because it gave me a chuckle!

But maybe it was all those stories about the peaceful Iraqi elections that's pushed the "hillbilly Katrina" off the front pages!One might think that there's some news interest in tens of thousands of poor Kentuckians suffering through freezing weather without electricity, but apparently there isn't. Can someone get Sean Penn to fly to Louisville in an absurdly oversized North Face jacket, please? Might be the only way to get some attention.

And no, linking to a story in the Boone County Times-Picayune online edition will not convince me that the mainstream news media is giving this story the same full-court press we've seen in recent major natural disasters.

Mithridates said...

Oh, of course it's not scientific. But it wasn't scattered articles, either. I went to the front page of the major media outlets and linked to the headline article. And it does certainly counter the screaming by the right that happens every time something goes right in Iraq. Claims that the elections aren't covered well enough are a joke.

But of course the righty missed the jab at the left. Every lefty out there is convinced that nothing good could come out of Iraq. And something good just might come out of Iraq. Whether it was worth the hundreds of thousands killed, millions displaced, the recruiting for Al Qaeda, the strengthening of Iran, the growth in anti-American sentiment, etc., well that's another story . . .

Phutatorius said...

Science — really? Liberal media bias is Holy Scripture, and everybody knows you can't gainsay Scripture with something as petty and mundane as science . . .

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