Tuesday, January 06, 2009

He Plays One on TV . . .

Dr. Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General? You've got to be kidding.

Who's next? Nancy Grace to head the FBI?

Plus I'm not sure the standing-waist-deep-in-the-water shot quite conveys the gravitas I associate with this position:

What do you know about cigarettes, Gupta? You can't even work your sump pump!

He plays one on TV. Oh yeah, and he is one. Why does this bother you? I mean, I see all the bonehead comments on the article you link to damning Obama for picking someone from the liberal media that got him elected. But whatever. You don't just want some dude who's been practicing medicine all his life and has never thought about policy. Do you have an actual complaint? Or does appearing on television disqualify candidates automatically?

The post is a joke by default — usually just a mouthpiece for administration health policy. There's only upside in picking someone who might have something thoughtful to say on the subject . . .

Yeah, OK — you make some good points ("Great, kid! Don't get COCKY!"). I just have a hard time treating these cable TV news personalities as serious people. Maybe I watch The Daily Show too much.

Turns out The Weekly Standard likes Gupta a lot, principally because he took on Michael Moore over health care reform. Score this as one point against and one point for him, in my book.

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