Friday, January 30, 2009

FO News Roundup: Jan. 30, 2009

We're broadcasting in stereo today. Sound test time, then — first off, some ick from the right:
  • If you weren't sure whether Rush Limbaugh has overthrown the Republican Party, consider this evidence of a House member kissing Rush's ring. Don't think you'll get off with just these words of sworn fealty, Representative Gingrey: as you're a medical doctor, your penitence will be measured out in painkiller prescriptions. (P)

  • Meanwhile, YouBetcha has quietly launched her own political action committee. With just one click of the Donate button now you can buy the Palin children matching pairs of Prada shoes. Could it be more fitting that SarahPAC's logo consists of a map of the United States with a giant, Alaska-shaped hole in it? (P)
And from the left:
  • Talk about the pot calling the kettle, uh, black. African foreign ministers want an investigation into possible Israeli human rights abuses during their war with Hamas. Never mind that a blind eye is turned to rampant abuses on their own continent (see Zimbabwe, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Algeria, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, [insert African country name], . . .). Ahhh, Israel. Where would the despots and hypocrites of the world be without you to point a finger at . . . (M)
That's a go for both channels.

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