Thursday, January 01, 2009


Hey, everybody: raise your hand if you give a crap about college basketball.

Yeah. Thought so.

Phutatorius, finding ways to make use of the fact that about three people read this blog.


Unknown said...

I care about college basketball in March and only on the years where I end up filling out one of those bracket sheets. I wish I cared about college football because it is a fun game and unlike the pros they make mistakes on routine things like punts and extra points. But I can't understand who gets ranked and why, it boils my blood that you get extra points for beating the crap out of a really bad team and lose points for barely beating a good team and there is little chance for a good underdog story. Please give me an 8 team play off system. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't want this. Really not one person. There are 50 bowl games and none of them mean anything. It is communist.

Phutatorius said...


I'm planning a post about how I'd fix college football. But when I started writing it, it got really long and complicated, and it turned out I wasn't able to fix anything. It's actually a pretty complicated problem, even if you put aside all the difficult politics of getting something done (e.g., kicking Northwestern out of the Big Ten and replacing Indiana with Notre Dame for football purposes).

By the way, were you in the Watertown Home Depot today? I swear I saw a guy looked just like you, but I couldn't say for sure.

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