Monday, December 01, 2008

Today's Double Entendre: Hitler's Nuts

Writing for Slate, Hitler biographer Ron Rosenbaum resists popular speculation that Angry Adolf was monorchid (that's my Word of the Week, by the way). His reasons? That (1) an early-onset monorchism isn't supported by the evidence; (2) the late-onset theory wouldn't explain away The Crazy/Evil; (3) the story emphasizes Hitler's psychopathology and impliedly excuses everybody else in Germany; and (4) it allows us to disregard our own, very human, capacity for evil.

I'll allow him all that, but there's upside here, too: thanks to these stories, we're free to picture the 20th century's Biggest Jerk having his left testicle bitten off by a goat. And that's pretty satisfying.

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