Monday, December 01, 2008

King of all the Gauls

Today we are addressing a vexing question: why doesn't Vercingetorix ever post or comment on this blog? I don't know the answer, but here are a few theories:
  • He's just been stripped and forced to kneel in front of Caesar and kiss Caesar's golden eagle and can't get to a computer right now
  • He might have to write something about Sarah Palin and have it etched in stone. This is problematic because if he writes something positive, the logic of such an inherently illogical argument might be shredded in a public forum; but if he writes something negative, he might have to change tack and defend her in four years
  • He doesn't like to share blogs and would rather control all discussion himself
  • When he runs in the Republican primary, he doesn't want a proven association with secular fundamentalist communists like Mithridates and Phutatorius to hamper his bid
  • He doesn't like the layout — I don't blame him, I don't like the layout either
  • When logically cornered it will be obvious that he didn't respond and acknowledge the cornering, whereas with email he can simply not respond and hope the subject is forgotten
Any other ideas?