Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let's Play Stump the TiVo

I'd like to thank Fox for its re-titling of 24 as 24: Redemption this year. This wholly unnecessary change (how much value does it add, really, except to tell me I should be on the lookout for instances of redemption over the next 24 hours?) completely outwitted my DVR, which despite its charming anthropomorphic logo, is still very much a machine that only complies with precisely-worded instructions.

TiVo's instructions were to record any and all airings of a television show called 24. So programmed, the DVR happily ignored the two-hour premiere of 24: Redemption that aired last Sunday.

Now I have to play catchup, all because a bunch of idiots sitting in a boardroom thought they'd come up with something clever.

UPDATE: Looks like Amazon has the first episode available for sale for $9.99. I smell opportunism.

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Mithridates said...

Uh, there's conflict in Africa, Jack's trying to get some kids to the US embassy to get them out, Begbie steps on a mine and takes some bad guys out with him, Jack gets them to the embassy but evil dude at the embassy will only let the kids in if Jack surrenders, which he does after much yelling and screaming.

There, just saved you 119 minutes of your life.

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