Wednesday, May 07, 2008

VoteBoth Update

In my earlier post I advanced my suspicions that the VoteBoth website was a front for the Clinton campaign (or for Clinton campaign supporters).

It looks like the site cleaned up its act — or, to be fairer, rendered its position more clearly than it had before. Now the site's banner alternates between "Obama-Clinton '08" and "Clinton-Obama '08," without appearing to favor one candidate over another. The tagline is now "Uniting the Democratic Party with Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton." And the site has appended a disclaimer that reads "NOT AUTHORIZED BY ANY CANDIDATE OR CANDIDATES COMMITTEE."

Of course, the disclaimer doesn't assert neutrality; it only disclaims authorization by either candidate or his/her committee. And I'm not completely convinced Hillary supporters aren't behind this. Now that the probability of Clinton leading the ticket has sunk, in at least one news source's estimation, to below 5%, one might find it a bit presumptuous to list Clinton-Obama '08 as an option on equal footing with Obama-Clinton. And of course the Clinton-first option comes first in the tagline.

Is Vote Both simply clarifying an original intention to support an either/or ticket, so long as both candidates are on it? Or was it always for Clinton, but now it's hedging its bets?

I know that if I were Hillary, I'd be on the phone right now with Obama offering to drop out if in exchange he'd name me as his running mate straightaway.

But then again, if I were Hillary, I wouldn't be supporting the inane summer gas tax holiday.

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