Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reason # 119 Why I Feel Alienated from the Rest of America

Is it me or has ABC deployed every one of its other television shows to promote "Dancing with the Stars?" Since when do developments in reality TV qualify as "news?" I know Fox is in this habit, too: it devotes ten minutes in its late local affiliate news to recap "American Idol." But Fox is Fox, right?

It's bad enough that stories of celebrities' rehab stints/bail proceedings are crowding out world-important events (say, the political crisis in Pakistan) in the public consciousness. At least Hollywood scandals aren't manufactured by the very networks that promote them.

Newsflash, people: whether or not Marie Osmond delivered an effective cha-cha two nights ago is not, er, "Newsflash" material.

And finally, do you suppose Diane Sawyer ever looks at herself and wonders how her career in journalism went from possible Deep Throat candidate to Kathie Lee Gifford wanna-be?

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