Saturday, November 24, 2007

More Judge-Bashing from Romney

From today's Boston Globe:

"Twenty months after he put a career prosecutor on the Massachusetts Superior Court bench, confident in her law-and-order credentials, Mitt Romney called yesterday for the judge to resign because she released without bail a convicted killer who went on to allegedly kill again."

It's conventional wisdom by now that when a judge grants a convict/defendant parole/pretrial release, and then the convict/defendant goes out and does something [else] awful, it's the judge's fault. This is Chapter One in the Tabloid Journalist's Handbook. In this case, the murderess-by-proxy is the Honorable Kathe Tuttman, a former prosecutor nominated to the Superior Court bench by (gasp!) Republican Presidential candidate and Perfect Head of Hair Mitt Romney. Cue the feeding frenzy: Willie Horton, anyone?

Naturally, Romney has called for Judge Tuttman to resign her post. Of course, he's not Governor or Massachusetts anymore (he was barely the Governor back when he nominated her). So he doesn't exactly have the authority to sack anyone in the judiciary: no, wait — as a Chief Executive in a constitutional system with checks and balances, he never did have that authority. But that's never stopped Our Mitt from ranting to excess about judicial decisions he doesn't like, as is his right, and apparently his compulsion.

But why should Romney suddenly take such a keen, take-the-judge-down interest in a murder case in Massachusetts, where he hasn't had very much of a presence since, oh, some two years into his term as Governor there? The answer is straightforward: Judge Tuttman's career should be over because the consequences of her decision reflect poorly on Mitt Romney's law-and-order credentials. She's a political liability. And that's really what these murders are all about: not Brian and Beverly Mauck (the victims, in case you were wondering), but Mitt Romney.

Judge Tuttman, don't your remember your oath? You swore to uphold the constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, along with the Presidential candidacy of Willard Mitt Romney. On that latter score, you failed. Now pack up your gavel and robe and go home, so we can get on with the business of "doubling Guantanamo."

UPDATE — Nov. 25, 9:01 a.m.: This morning Romney also called for the deceased couple to come back to life, "pronto." "I can't see why they haven't done it yet," he told reporters at the Boston Herald. "It will be better for them and better for me."

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